Beneath: The Inverted Church on Kickstarter
136 pages. 37+ maps. Adults only.

"I've never see anything like this on an RPG level and I think it's fucking awesome."
Full Metal RPG (podcast)

Beneath an ancient and buried cathedral lies the UnDungeon, a place of perversions and seduction. The Inverted Cupid, a demon of great power, is luring the local townspeople into the UnDungeon to create a master race of “…one race, one sex, one tongue.” Only a band of brave adventurers can stop it.

Follow Hannah, reformed thief and resident of CragLee, as she guides you deeper into the UnDungeon. Treasure can be found if you are willing to seduce your way through mirrorDoors and witness the sexual atrocities inside the Invert.


 Dungeon Dealer was fully successful on Kickstarter at $22,000. All the decks are sold out. We will reprint soon.

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